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Blocky will still protect
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Blocky for Veeam®

It happens every day – some kind of Malware is bypassing your generic security software. In such cases Blocky for Veeam® builds up your „Last Line of Defense”, protecting your data by denying unauthorized data access. Blocky is especially designed to protect your Veeam Backup, hence better providing tailored security than any generic software.

Blocky for Veeam® comes with simple and intuitive configuration as well as minimal administrative overhead. As latest cyber attacks target Backup Data in first place, increasing resilience against Ransomware is crucial. With Blocky for Veeam@ as your last line of defense, your backup data is safeguarded.

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Your protective shield against Ransomware, which has bypassed your other security measures. Safeguards Veeam® Backups against Malware attacks.


A security gateway guarantees the effective protection of your Veeam® backups. It controls data volumes and only grants access to authenticated processes - Malware has to stay out. Blocky for Veeam® implements a kind of WORM functionality for Windows NTFS or ReFS volumes. It blocks any modification requests without explicit access rights. Blocky uses application fingerprints to identify authorized requests. Unauthorized processes attempting writes are logged and the administrator gets notified on such potential threads.

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