Harden Your Windows VBR with Blocky for Veeam

Our Veeam expert, Edwin Weijdema, Field CTO EMEA at Veeam and Lead Cybersecurity Technologist, will talk about the increasing threat of ransomware attacks globally and share how you can protect your Veeam backup. Adriana Grau and Kai Hambrecht, our GRAU DATA Blocky experts, will present Blocky and display its benefits and features. Watch a live demo […]

July 20th Podcast with Dave Russell and Kai Hambrecht​

Ransomware continues to evolve and wreak havoc. The question that emerges is, why are companies not taking steps to strengthen their Veeam® repositories against ransomware? Regular backups are essential, but what if your backup data is corrupted or rendered inaccessible in the face of a cyberattack? The discussion will focus on: – How to safeguard […]

With Blocky for Veeam® ransomware does not stand a chance

Blocky for Veeam® – the ultimate protection against ransomware attacks Ransomware attacks have become a prevalent and alarming threat to organizations worldwide. In the past year alone, a staggering 85% of companies have experienced at least one attack, highlighting the urgency for robust protective measures. Shockingly, 80% of these victims have succumbed to the demands […]

The Blocky for Veeam ® – 5 Step Guide to a Safer Network

The frequency of cybersecurity incidents is constantly rising. Ransomware attacks, which prevent companies accessing their files and data unless a fee is paid, have tripled over the past 12 months. In addition, we are seeing a new trend emerge, where hackers threaten to leak sensitive information if money is not handed over. This presents the […]

Quick tips for Veeam® Backup Security

Cyber-attacks typically have two high level objectives, the first being to cripple business operations by encrypting vital production data, and the second more recent trend is the capture and breach of Sensitive Personal Identifying Information (PII). Backups play a key role in defense against cyber-attacks, potentially allowing systems to be restored to a known safe […]

Common Cyber Threats and How To Avoid Them

Cyber threats come in many forms so for that reason a holistic approach is required in order to tackle them. Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to all organizations, so the responsibility should not fall to just one department. Everybody within the organization has a role to play, so we will kick off here by […]

Considerations for a Cyberattack Crisis Communications Plan

In our earlier article The Blocky for Veeam® – 5 Step Guide to a Safer Network we highlighted the importance of creating a Cyber Security Policy and Disaster Recovery Plan. A key element of this should be a communications plan which can be easily overlooked during the turmoil of containing a cyberattack and the restoration […]

Ransomware attack – Who should you contact?

If you have fallen victim to a ransomware attack you will certainly have a lot of decisions to make. Like many other crime situations it can be very easy to make that ‘knee jerk reaction’ without taking a moment to step back and consider the options, or indeed look for help. Following the shock of […]

Veeam Backup Protection for Branch & Remote Offices

Cybercriminals look for multiple routes to infiltrate a network, so accordingly cybersecurity measures need to be equally as comprehensive. In the context of protecting Veeam backup files and the storage volumes that hold them, there are many recommended best practices. Unfortunately, some of these measures may not be practical for branch or remote office deployment […]

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