With Blocky for Veeam® ransomware does not stand a chance

Blocky for Veeam® – the ultimate protection against ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks have become a prevalent and alarming threat to organizations worldwide. In the past year alone, a staggering 85% of companies have experienced at least one attack, highlighting the urgency for robust protective measures. Shockingly, 80% of these victims have succumbed to the demands and paid the ransom, only to find themselves unable to recover their valuable data. Even more concerning is the fact that 75% of these attacks compromise backup repositories, leaving organizations vulnerable and scrambling for solutions. This is where Blocky for Veeam® emerges as the ultimate safeguard, fortifying your defenses and ensuring the integrity of your backup data.


The Prevalence of Ransomware

Ransomware has reached unprecedented levels of threat, with a staggering 85% of organizations falling victim to at least one attack in the past 12 months. This alarming statistic emphasizes the need for proactive protection against malware. Astonishingly, 80% of organizations choose to pay the ransom demanded by attackers. However, a quarter of these organizations never regain access to their valuable data despite making the payment. The devastating impact of ransomware attacks on businesses cannot be ignored.


The Compromised Backup Challenge

In the face of ransomware attacks, organizations have long relied on backups as their last line of defense. However, with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, even backups are not immune. Startlingly, a staggering 93% of ransomware attacks specifically target backup systems, making it clear that relying solely on backups may not be sufficient. Furthermore, these attacks affect 75% of backup repositories, rendering them compromised and ineffective. The average time to recover from a ransomware attack is 3.4 weeks, and 56% of organizations face the risk of reinfection during the recovery process. Only one out of every six organizations can recover their data without paying the ransom because they had a clean and reliable backup to restore from. In over 70% of ransomware attacks, companies are unable to recover their data even if they pay the ransom. It is evident that traditional backup strategies are no longer enough to combat this growing menace.


Introducing Blocky for Veeam®

While regular backups are an essential aspect of data protection, they can fall victim to cyberattacks. Blocky for Veeam® is a revolutionary solution that addresses this vulnerability head-on. It ensures the availability and security of your backup data, providing a formidable shield against ransomware, even if your environment and backup server has fallen prey to malware. By making your backup immutable, Blocky ensures that your data remains untouchable, even in the face of the most sophisticated ransomware attacks.


The Role of Blocky in Ransomware Defense

As the designated IT security officer, you bear the immense responsibility of managing the ever-evolving threat landscape while minimizing costs. However, budget constraints and time pressures often hinder the implementation of comprehensive security measures, leaving companies vulnerable to cybercriminals. Ransomware stands out as one of the most significant perils, as decrypting data encrypted by malware is complex and near impossible without a clean backup. While backups serve as the last resort for data restoration, they, too, can be compromised. This is precisely where Blocky for Veeam® proves its worth. By blocking all applications not directly related to the Veeam, Blocky acts as a vigilant sentry, preventing unauthorized access and fortifying your defenses.

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Protecting Sensitive Data

Effective protection against cyber threats requires a multifaceted approach. Unfortunately, many companies still rely on outdated and inadequate security measures, often due to the high costs and time-consuming nature of implementing comprehensive safeguards. Ransomware presents a unique challenge to data security, as decrypting data without the blackmailer’s key is extremely difficult, if not impossible. In such cases, backups become the last resort for restoring data. However, modern malware explicitly targets these valuable backups, making it imperative to block any third-party applications that may expose vulnerabilities. This is precisely where Blocky for Veeam® excels, acting as the ultimate defense mechanism to keep your backup data secure, protected, and always available.


The Power of WORM and Whitelisting

Blocky for Veeam® adopts the zero-trust philosophy, combining application whitelisting and WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology to provide maximum protection for your backup data. By effectively blocking all non-white-listed applications, including malware, Blocky ensures that only the Veeam® has access to your valuable data. The WORM Shield and Windows Filter Driver act as impenetrable barriers, preventing unauthorized access attempts and safeguarding your backups from ransomware attacks.


Blocky for Veeam® – Your Knight in Shining Armor

Blocky for Veeam® is the ultimate solution to protect your backups from unauthorized intrusions. By implementing a fingerprint-based approval system, Blocky ensures that only approved Veeam® processes, can modify or delete your backup data. The powerful Blocky WORM shield and Windows filter driver instantly block all other access attempts. Blocky prevents manipulation or destruction attempts on backup data, even after a virus, trojan, or other malware has infiltrated your Windows server. With Blocky as your knight in shining armor, you can rest assured that your valuable backup data is safe and secure, ready to be restored when needed.



Ransomware attacks continue to plague organizations worldwide, necessitating robust defenses to protect valuable data. Blocky for Veeam® stands out as the ultimate shield against these malicious attacks, safeguarding your backup data and ensuring its availability, even in the face of the most sophisticated ransomware strains. By adopting a proactive approach, utilizing WORM technology, and leveraging application whitelisting, Blocky fortifies your defenses and blocks unauthorized access attempts. Don’t leave your backup data vulnerable to ransomware attacks; choose Blocky for Veeam® and experience the peace of mind that comes with robust protection.

To learn more, download the Blocky Playbook here.

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