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Protect Veeam Backup

Safeguarding Veeam® Backups with Application Whitelisting (Whitepaper)

This white paper will outline how Blocky for Veeam® can proactively ensure that Veeam backups remain a vital insurance policy against ransomware attacks.

Blocky for Veeam® uses a trust-centric approach known as application whitelisting (AWL). This turns the security protocol around from the traditional blacklisting protocol of “default allow” to a much more robust “default deny for any unknown application”.

Cyber Insurance &
Ransomware Protection

Enhancing Cyber Insurance with
Ransomware Protection

As cyberattacks escalate in frequency and intensity, organizations have depended on cyber insurance to protect against financial and reputational fallout. Amid this backdrop, the cyber insurance market saw a 74% surge in premiums in 2021; and for some businesses, coverage has become unavailable. For businesses, especially SMB, the threat is palpable, necessitating fortified defenses. Blocky for Veeam enhances Veeam backups with fortified ransomware protection, ensuring resilience and business continuity. This paper delves into the evolving cyber threat realm and how solutions like Blocky are paramount for bolstering cybersecurity and optimizing cyber insurance coverage.

Importance of Immutable Backup

Protecting Your Microsoft® Veeam® Environment from Ransomware and the Importance of Immutable Backup

Virus and ransomware attacks are rising, putting your system and critical data at risk. Veeam® V12, running within a Microsoft Windows environment, does not have a native immutability function for Veeam® backup volumes without adding an additional Linux server. Blocky for Veeam® requires no additional server installations; it runs on your existing Windows servers, providing seamless, immutable protection for Windows volumes. With Blocky, you can recover your backups from ransomware attacks in minutes as if nothing ever happened.

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